The Seagull

Scenic and Props Design

Anton Chekhov
Adapted and Directed by Diane Dowling
Costume Design: Mia Bienovich
Lighting Design: Isaac Winston
Sound Design and Music: Chad Yarborough

Borough of Manhattan Community College
Theatre Program
Tribeca Performing Arts Center

Spring 2010

The inspiration for the set was a rustic Russian dacha in a birch forest. Over the course of the play, the walls transformed from a gazebo stage to an exterior porch to an interior sitting room.

The Seagull, Act 1

the seagull

inspirational imagery and research

1/4" scale set model

The Seagull, Act 2

The Seagull, Act 3

The Seagull, Act 4

The Seagull, Act 4

The Seagull, Act 4

Faux stained glass