The Fairy Tale Project

Scenic, Props and Co-Puppet Design

Playwright: Webb Wilcoxen
Directed by Lori Kee
Choreographed by Ann Cooley
Costume and Co-Puppet Design by Arnold Bueso
Sound Design by Christopher Peifer
Lighting Design by Catherine Clarke

Borough of Manhattan Community College
Theatre Program
Tribeca Performing Arts Center

Spring 2015

The director envisioned the production’s numerous stories and songs as a child’s storybook illustrated in many different styles: some dark, some funny. I drew inspiration from woodcuts and shadow puppets to create a neutral space, like the page of a book, which could support the colorful costumes and presentational action.

Preshow with musician behind cyc.

Woodcuts, Fairy Tale illustrations and Tree silhouettes were inspirations.

Groundplan and Preliminary 1/4" scale model.

Silhouettes behind cyc and screens.

Silhouette behind SL screen.

The wedding with “animal parade” in silhouette.

Puppets and research.

The woodsman and his cart.

The scary violinist.